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Conflict Resolution Services

Relationship Mediation

Discussions about family issues such as marriage, separation, sibling disputes, parenting plans, and the family budget, can sometimes become emotionally charged. These difficult topics are not uncommon.  With the help of an Agree To Agree mediator, family members can get to long-term resolutions.

Unresolved family matters could cause so much mistrust among family members that their disagreements become legal disputes. Our family mediation practice does not provide legal advice, therapeutic diagnosis, or counseling.  Because the goal of the family mediation process is to agree on important decisions, and not to explore family members' feelings and emotions, it is best to try mediation before lawyers initiate expensive discovery processes.

As soon as the parties agree to resolve their differences outside of court, mediation early on can save the parties thousands of dollars and minimize long-term distress. Because family members themselves develop solutions that reflect their family's unique situation, satisfaction with the outcome is quite high and these resolutions tend to be workable and long-lasting.

Relationship Mediation

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