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HR Consulting Services

Human Resources Consulting

Occasionally, new and small businesses struggle to address a variety of specific Human Resources needs. They find tremendous value in the broad expertise of our Human Resources consultants. Relative objectivity and neutrality allow us to focus on real issues and solutions instead of on internal politics. Because of our varied experience, the Agree To Agree Human Resources Consulting practice advises organizations across several industries including healthcare, real estate, marketing, communications, public relations, education, social services, and non-profit organizations on a wide range of issues involving workforces and business operations.

We take the time to understand your organizational culture, processes, and products. Our Human Resources consultants also possess the experience and knowledge required to work on your unique projects, a proven history of success, and a willingness to partner with you and your staff to accomplish the results needed. Our areas of expertise include employee and labor relations, HR audits, employee handbook development, policy & procedure development and revisions, HR-specific training, professional coaching, employee benefits & open enrollments, and HRIS implementation.

Our goal is always to leave our clients with the Human Resources function positioned to be an efficient and productive business partner, and alleviate the burden of Human Resources on their business resources and leadership.

Human Resources Consulting

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