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Conflict Resolution Services

Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching is a personalized method for helping people effectively engage in conflict. Through voluntary one-on-one coaching and informal, confidential conversations that focus on individual conflict management goals, conflict coaching works to develop skills, knowledge, and competencies to more effectively resolve or manage a dispute or an interpersonal conflict.

Conflict Coaches are attentive, non-judgmental, supportive professionals that are trained to provide individual assistance, to listen carefully and thoughtfully, and to provide the space for people to vent and share important matters in their lives.

The Agree To Agree Conflict Coach may support the client as they work through a particularly difficult or complex conflict.  The client may want to work on ways to prevent a dispute from unnecessarily escalating, to improve their competency in conflict management, or to develop stronger communication skills for a difficult conversation. While this may seem therapeutic, our conflict coaching practice does not provide therapeutic diagnosis or counseling.  It helps clients prepare for participation in mediation or other Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes, address matters that may arise post-mediation or other ADR process, and deliver performance appraisals that are expected to be contentious.

Whether the goal is to proactively build conflict management skills, manage a current conflict, engage in difficult conversations, or resolve disagreements, conflict coaching can help you accomplish your conflict management goals.

Conflict Coaching

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