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Conflict Management Training

Disputes can have severe consequences on business objectives.  Dealing with conflict is important for every organization no matter what the size. Discover how to mediate a conflict by following a set process and asking the right questions.  In our Managing Workplace Conflict training courses, participants will learn a new way of thinking about conflict and how to institute a workplace conflict management system as a mechanism to resolve conflict before they become formal complaints.

Agree To Agree virtual training courses are delivered live via webinars and are designed to replicate a classroom environment with the same types of exercises, discussions, and interactions as you would normally have in our face-to-face workshops.  In virtual classrooms, facilitators can leverage polls, whiteboards, chat boxes, and even emojis. Learners can then participate in a way that feels relevant and accessible without having to always communicate verbally. Delivering training in this format means that attention and interest levels are kept high and the information and the subject matter sticks.

All your learners need is access to the internet on any device. And the fact that there is no travel or days out of the office replaces valuable time that could otherwise be lost.

Conflict Management Training

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